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Whole Home, 4 Points, Condo,

Wind Mitigation, 11th Month warranty

New Home Construction, 

Pre-Listing, Light Commercial, Visual Pool

About Rolfs Home Inspection

Rolfs Home Inspection may be a new company, but we have many years of experience in construction and general home knowledge.

I William Rolfs, Owner/Certified Home Inspector was raised in the NW Florida/SW Alabama area.  My father was an auto mechanic but was known as a “Jack of all Trades”. He very seldom hired anyone to complete projects in our household. My father along with my brother and I would complete most tasks around our home. If he didn’t have the knowledge or equipment, he would barter and make a trade with someone that could. He would then watch and learn from this person.

From a very young age, I learned from my Dad. Although he passed away in 1997, I still owe much of my knowledge and experience to him. One lesson was to never be scared to try new things. To this day, I will give most anything a try and find I can do most if I just make the effort.

Although I had a background in auto mechanics, welding and construction, I started my career in the Grocery Store business. I spent 26 years with Winn Dixie and almost 13 years with Ever’man Cooperative Grocery & Cafe. Over the years, I had to work with many different types of inspectors from Food Safety to OSHA and many different corporate team inspections. I learned from each inspection and I like to pass knowledge along as I inspect. 


As General Manager of Ever’man, I was solely responsible for the expansion and remodel of the Garden Street Store and the construction and opening of the new Nine Mile Road location. This included market studies, purchasing real estate for both projects, obtaining board approval, city/county approvals, financing and insurance. It also included hiring architects, engineers, store planners, refrigeration installers and general contractors etc. I then worked with the assembled team to plan, build and open each project successfully. I gained a lot of knowledge during this time, that I lean on in this new profession.


Sub-contracted the building of two houses to include my home

Planned and guided the construction of two major grocery stores

120 hours Home Inspection Course plus other elective classes

Passes National Home Inspection Exam

Many years of construction and home systems repair

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